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A Certain Ratio - "Mind Made Up"

A Certain Ratio (aka ACR or A.C.R.) are a post-punk/funk band from Manchester, UK. Formed in the late 1970s, they were one of the bands (along with Gang Of Four and The Pop Group) who forged the new musical hybrid which became known as punk-funk, a style which fused the energy and aggression of punk rock with the rhythms and musicianship of funk and soul. The band’s members were originally Simon Topping, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Donald Johnson and Pete Terrell. In live performance, the band often had a flexible line-up, with various members swapping instruments, and also performing ensemble latin percussion music.

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Isolee - Beau Mot Plage

Isolée is Microhouse artist Rajko Müller. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany but lived with his family in Algeria from the age of 7 to 12 and went to a French primary school. Müller came back to Frankfurt with his family in 1983 and went to school where he made a lot of spelling mistakes. Around that time his parents bought an organ for Christmas and he tried to do some synth-pop with a school friend. They decided to buy a synthesizer and a drumcomputer.

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Chungking Express

One of the most influential directors of the last few decades, Won Kar-Wai has a signature style, a bristling neon aesthetic, that can be seen in films, adverts and music videos the globe. Chungking Express (1994) gave his trademark directorial style an international profile. Brigitte Lin, iconic in dark glasses and blonde wig, looks for the courier who stole her cash and stash and bumps into "Cop 233" who's just self-consiously decided to fall for the next woman he meets. Dazzling in its cool exuberance and colour-saturated gloss, this neon paean to lost love is Wong's most exquisitely hypnotic work to date.

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"Truants" by Nickos Grammatikos is not a typical 90's movie about old friends and habits. It is a very realistic and timely recording of the transition of a group of young people from age 25 to 30 and how professional and family success and failure lead to depression, arrogance or indifference. The corrosion of character and ideas resulting from the incorporation into the system as well as the isolation of hopeless romantics and those left behind is reflected perfectly in this Greek production of 96. A landmark movie that is highly recommended to greek post-graduates suffering from mid 20s crisis.

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Serafim Tsotsonis - Wood Street

Serafim Tsotsonis was born in Athens in 1977. He studied piano and theory and went on to sound engineering. He creates classical as well as electronic compositions, with a wide interest in all audiovisual means. The following track called Wood Street and it belongs to the single one that Tsotsonis has released named peak.

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Dirty Art Club - Sincerely Yours, the D.A.C.

Dirty Art Club is a North Carolina duo, comprised of producers Matt Cagle & Madwreck, are currently celebrating the release of their debut album, Heavy Starch. Combining influences from various genres and drawing inspiration from a local artist, Marcus Kiser, D.A.C. have crafted one of the most influential instrumental albums to be released since the emergence of DJ Shadow and RJD2.

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paul kalkbrenner - icke wieder(new album)

Paul Kalkbrenner (1977) is a producer, DJ and actor from Berlin, Germany. He is signed to the famous Bpitch Controllabel founded by Ellen Allien. Starting as a trumpet player and studying music theory, Kalkbrenner later switched to electronic music. In 1999 he released his first tracks under the name of Paul dB+. As a live act, he performs using Ableton Live in combination with midi controllers and hardware synthesizers.

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Cool Hand Luke

Cool Hand Luke, a production of 1967, is another classic film starring bad-boys'-favorite Paul Newman. Although it seems like a classic prison drama, it's quite the contrary. We would say that it is primarily a film about freedom of thought, or rather a movie that questions society's strict structure and rules as well as the obsolete understanding of right and wrong, of good and evil.Paul Newman ridicules the prison system and tries to enforce his own way but this will obviously bring negative results. Still that will not stop him from trying. As the moto of the film goes: His crime: his anticonformism. The sentence: the sweatshops.

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Moodymann - Mahogani

Moodymann also known as Kenny Dixon Jr or KDJ for short, is a Techno/House musician based in Detroit, Michigan. He creates a thoroughly hybrid form of techno/house dance music, jazz, soul, disco and funk via his innovative use of reworked riffs, samples (including old movie soundtrack samples mainly culled from the old blaxploitation and b-movie genres), and grooves taken from Detroit's historically influential jazz, R&B, soul, funk, and disco scene.

Papas Fritas - Way You Walk

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alphawezen - rain (unofficial version) from Atikin Wee on Vimeo.

Alphawezen is a German electronic duo formed in 1998, consisting of Asu Yalcindag (vocals, lyrics) and Ernst Wawra (music). In the beginning, Alphawezen was an instrumental project, but with the first official album „L'après-midi d'un Microphone“ (2001, Mole Listening Pearls) and with the co-operation of singer Asu it became a kind of ambient electronic pop music.

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Protassov - Butterfly dub

Stefan Fuss presents his mix of Dub, Broken Beats & Psychedelia on Switchstance Recordings under his alias Protassov. The endless supplies of analogue equipment, rare vinyl and the rogue ambience of his very own ceiling studio Mechano Tonatelier inspire Protassov to undertake ever new musical trips, the aim of which is most definitely the tripping itself.

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Trypes - Dromos

This is a song that is extremely related(in the case that hasn't been written) with the movie from the previous post "Ola einai dromos". The lyrics was written by G.Aggelakas and the music from the group Trypes. Τhis song can be found in the last album of the group Trypes "Mesa stin nyxta twn allwn" which was released in July 1999.

Ola Ine Dromos - "It's a long road"

The film "Ola ine dromos-It's a long road" from director Pantelis Boulgaris is a unique creation of excellent visual and conceptual content. A film that consists of three independent parts, which can though be interpreted under the same angle. They are about ordinary people, their loneliness, the obsessions and ideals it creates and the actions it pushes them to. Actions, either thunderous like the last parts, or mild like the first parts of the movie, that have a discrete meaning for them and remind us of the lost authenticity and purity, virtues that seem to have abandoned the modern greek society.

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Console - Her eyes

An electronic music project by Martin Gretschmann, the lead programmer for German band Notwist. Relying heavily on elements of electronic music, Console is reminiscent of some electro bands, such as Ladytron and Miss Kittin.

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Chaim - Popsky

Chaim is a true stand out artist in today's fast paced electronic world. after the first wave of stunning releases for labels like supplement facts, cocoon and mbf, for over a year now chaim has worked exclusively with the berlin based bpitch control imprint. his recent acclaimed output for the label has proved his powerful, individual productions to be some of the highest quality club tracks around(bpitch control).

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Richie Hawtin - DE 9 Transitions

Dominik Eulberg - Der Buchdrucker

Dominik Eulberg, born in 1978 in Westerwald, Germany is an electronic music artist and DJ who has released numerous singles as well as full-length albums on labels such as Cocoon Recordings and Traum Schallplatten. He occasionally works as a park ranger in German National parks, an occupation he plans to pursue full time in the near future after retiring from music.

Colorist Showreel 2011 from Thibaut Petillon on Vimeo.

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Partial Arts - Trauermusik

Ewan Pearson and Al Usher have been working together since they recorded their first single "Canopy" as Partial Arts for Hamish Anderson's Out of the Loop label in 2002. In January 2006 they released a second single, "Cruising", on Dialect.  Since then they have released two singles for Kompakt: "Trauermusik" and "Telescope" (featuring Vito Roccaforte from The Rapture on drums). Together they have remixed Jaymz Nylon, Blake, Midnight Star, Swag, Feist, Shapemod, Audiofly vs. Paul Harris, Will Saul and Lee. 

The jam - A town called Malice

The Jam were an English punk rock/mod revival band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were formed in Woking, Surrey. While they shared the "angry young men" outlook and fast tempos of their punk rock contemporaries, The Jam wore neatly tailored suits rather than ripped clothes, and they incorporated a number of mainstream 1960s rock influences rather than rejecting them, placing The Jam at the forefront of the mod revival movement.

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Grauzone - Film

Grauzone was an 80’s Swiss band composed of 3 musicians : Marco Repetto and two brothers, Stephan Eicher and Martin Eicher. At the end of 1979 Marco Repetto (drums) and GT (bass) left the Punk band Glueams, to form together with Martin Eicher (guitar, vovals, synthesizer) a new band called Grauzone. Martin had already supported Glue.
ams on their single mental.

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Crystal Stilts - The dazzled

Not much to say... Brooklyn, New York. Year 2008. Sounds like the 80s post punk style. Album called Alight of night. In love with oblivion is just released. Damn, I like them!!

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Ellen Allien & Apparat - Jet

Ellen Allien, born Ellen Fraatz (born 1969), is a German electronic musician, music producer and founder of BPitch Control music label. She lives in Berlin, Germany. She has said that one of the main inspirations for her music is the culture of reunified Berlin her album Stadtkind was dedicated to the city. Her music is best described as a blend of IDM and electro music, which is dance-floor oriented, yet at the same time has noticeable experimental elements.

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Telefon Tel Aviv - The birds

Telefon Tel Aviv is a Chicago, Illinois-based American electronic music act. Formerly comprising Charles Cooper and Joshua Eustis, Telefon Tel Aviv continues with Eustis as the sole official member since Cooper's death in 2009. The albums that the band has released are:

2001: Fahrenheit Fair Enough, 2002: Immediate Action #8 EP, 2004: Map of What Is Effortless,, 2007: Remixes Compiled, 2009: Immolate Yourself

the bots 0.2 from stefano maccarelli on Vimeo.

Blockhead - Coloring book

Blockhead grew up in downtown New York City. The son of an artist, early on he found his passion was for music. A fan of a whole range of sounds, especially hip-hop, Blockhead steadily built a tremendous collection of tapes and later CDs from innumerable artists. After a brief stint as a rapper, he realized his calling was behind the boards and not on the mic, and from there he began to produce beats.

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Kraftwerk - Tour de France

From the pioneers and gurus of contemporary electronic music, the germans  Kraftwerk(they are considered one of the most important and influential bands of their genre -often described as ‘the godfathers of electronic music) Florian Schneider-Esleben and Ralf Hütter we have the track tour de France. This track is on the last album that they are released in 2003.

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Felix - Tiger Stripes

Nicky Siano(Felix) is a pioneer of the dance music scene in the early seventies. He was the owner/designer/DJ of the legendary seventies dance palace THE GALLERY, a club that inspired The Garage and Studio 54. He inspired and launched the careers of Grace Jones, D.C. La Rue, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, to name a few. His recent party at TWELVE WEST, 1999-2002, was heralded by New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Time Out, Hx, Next, Flyer, DJ Times and Paper Magazine as the party of the year. 

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Belleruche - Clockwatching

Belleruche is a band consisting of Kathrin DeBoer, Ricky Fabulous, and DJ Modest. Formed in the lesser bars and pubs of North London in 2005, the band now record for the Brighton based Tru-Thoughts label.

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Horace Silver - Senor blues

Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silver (born September 2, 1928 in Norwalk, Connecticut) is a world wide known jazz pianist and composer. He is known characteristic funky style and his hard-bop grooves. Silver began his career as a saxophonist, but later switched to piano. His playing was highly influenced by the style of Bud Powell.His music influences excpet Powell are Dexter Gordon, Lester Young, Charlie Parker and general the bebop era.

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Lee Dorsey- Do-re-mi

Lee Dorsey was a classical figure of soul rnb artist during the decades of 50s until 70s. Born Irving Lee Dorsey in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dorsey moved to Portland, Oregon when he was ten years old. He served in the United States Navy and began a career in prizefighting. Boxing as a light heavyweight in Portland in the early 1950s, he fought under the name "Kid Chocolate" and was quite successful.
Dorsey met songwriter/producer Allen Toussaint at a party in the early 1960s, and was signed to the Fury record label. The song that launched his career was inspired by a group of children chanting nursery rhymes- "Ya Ya" went to number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1961. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. He recorded other songs for Fury before the label folded, and Dorsey went back to his car repair business.
Toussaint later came back on the Amy label and began to work with Dorsey once again. From 1965 to 1969 Dorsey put seven songs in the Hot 100, the most successful of which was "Working in the Coal Mine" in 1966. It was to be his second and last Top Ten song. In 1970 Dorsey and Toussaint collaborated on an album entitled Yes We Can; the title song was Dorsey's last entry in the singles chart. It was later a hit for the Pointer Sisters under the title, "Yes We Can Can".
Dorsey appeared on an album with Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, which led to more recordings on his own with ABC Records in the late 1970s. In 1980, Dorsey opened for English punk band The Clash on their U.S. tour.
Dorsey contracted emphysema and died on December 2nd 1986 in New Orleans at the age of 61.(wikipedia).

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Underworld - Born Slippy

Slacker - Come with me

Slacker thus the term for people who avoids work and the nickname of dj and producer Shem McCauley.  He is an electronic music house, hip hop and R&B producer. He owns Jukebox on the Sky record label. He is also well known under his guise as "Head Honcho". Slacker, who is based in England, UK, has released records on many labels including XL RecordingsLoaded Records, and Perfecto Records.
The following track "come with me " is an amazing remix of Arthur Russell same title song, and can be found in the album "Start a new life".

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In the late 70s, french director Jean-Pierre Jeunet and designer Marc Caro met and found they shared a lot of interests in the visual arts. Their friendship soon became an artistic team that would spent the whole 80s making short films, perfecting their storytelling abilities and visual design skills and preparing themselves to make a career in film-making. Their efforts were crowned in 1991, when they were finally able to take their craft to a full feature length film, in the project that would become their breakthrough in the film industry and the proper beginning of their careers as filmmakers: the post-apocalyptic comedy "Delicatessen".

Written by Gilles Adrien (who also wrote many of the previous Jeunet & Caro shorts) as well as Jeunet & Caro themselves, "Delicatessen" is a wonderfully imaginative tale of sweet romance and hilarious black comedy that gives an unexpected light-hearted twist to a plot that most writers would treat as a serious subject matter. And surprisingly it works. Also visually, the film is simply sublime. Since the directors decided to divide responsibilities, Marc Caro took full control of the production design and the artistic elements of the movie, so with this freedom Caro's inventive artistic vision reaches new heights creating a movie that could be described as a moving canvas. Highly atmospheric, the french duo takes the cinematography (by Darius Khondji) to the next level mixing techniques and showing a whole range of influences that go from German Expressionism to 40s modernism, resulting in one of the most beautiful looking movies ever done. Still, the movie is more than a visual fest, as Jeunet (in charge of guiding the actors) shows a complete domain over his cast & crew keeping the many elements of the film working nicely in the right place.

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Ulrich Schnauss- Blumenwiese Neben Autobahn

CKY from Battalion Armour on Vimeo.

Ulrich Schnauss was born in the northern German town of Kiel in 1977. During his formative years, he came to love a wide spectrum of music, ranging from My Bloody Valentine to Tangerine Dream, from Chapterhouse to early bleep and breakbeat tracks. There was not much opportunity to see his musical heroes in Kiel, so he moved to Berlin in 1996.

By that time, Ulrich was already a prolific musician in such genres as ambient and drum and bass, with a variety of pseudonyms (most notably View to the Future and Ethereal 77). These earlier works soon caught the eye of Berlin electronica label CCO (City Centre Offices), who took him up.

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Der Untergang

"Der Untergang" (The Downfall) is a rare kind of war film which subverts all the cliches and superstision that have dominated the genre. It's a film about the last hours of the Second World War, a film about despair, insanity, bravery and madness but most of all it's an accurate record of the feelings and beliefs of different kinds of people at that time. The film approaches accurately and historically responsibly the way of thinking and the dillemas of people that have been depicted only as caricatures in modern war films like "Save Private Ryan" without falling into the trap of being pro-nazi. The well known Bruno Ganz delivers a magnificent performance of Adolph Hitler and is well supported by both a talented actors' team (especially Christian Berkel and Ulrich Matthes) and supreme photography and direction, aspects which contribute in making the film the best war film of the decade.

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arthur russell - i could't say it to your face

Charles Arthur Russell Jr. (1952 April 4, 1992) was an American cellist, composer, singer, and disco artist. While he found the most success in dance music, Russell's career bridged New York's downtown, rock, and dance music scenes; his collaborators ranged from Philip Glass to David Byrne to Nicky Siano. Relatively unknown during his lifetime, a series of reissues and compilations have raised his profile in the 2000s.